Developer & Designer

I am a full-stack developer building responsive Javascript, HTML5 and CSS solutions in the browser and RESTful APIs using NodeJS or PHP and MySQL, PostgreSQL or NoSQL on the server. I tend to favor user experience and aesthetics and am excited about Web components, web sockets and encryption.

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I am a proponent of the UNIX philosophy: "short, simple, clear, modular, and extensible code." Software should provide elegant, intuitive and maintainable solutions. Modules should be as minimal and obvious as possible.


As a visually adept problem solver, I thrive in creative spaces. The geometry of the physical world is provable by mathematical constructs. I enjoy translating and embellishing that geometry onto the digital canvas to direct attention and invoke action.


Know your audience and know that often, you are NOT your target audience. While I unit test, end-to-end test and automate as much as possible, sometimes the best approach is to try it out in the wild and take feedback.

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Ryan Rankin
Developer & Designer


Full stack web engineer favoring front-end development, user experience and graphic design. Use responsive techniques to deliver readible, acessible, shareable and testable content to client. Design, template, automate, observe and improve. Happy to learn/use your favorite framework or roll my own tools to fit the job.

Work Experience

Visual Resource Group, Inc
February 2011 – November 2015
Technical Director and Lead Developer
Work with marketing and graphic design team to build web solutions for industrial holdings companies and international tradeshows.
  • Now working mostly in HTML5, SASS, Javascript, NodeJS and PostgreSQL, MySQL or NoSQL on FreeBSD using jails and nginx in production.
  • 2012 Total rebuild of all AmerCable Holdings, Inc websites using HTML, SASS, Javascript, PHP and MySQL. Cross-browser supporting IE7+. (Purchased by Nexans shortly after).
  • Deployed Owncloud to Amazon EC2 for digital asset management.
  • Payment gateways using Paypal and Stripe for international tradeshows.
  • PTA registration and directory portal for DISD school using PHP and MySQL with Wordpress front-end.
  • Install and configure local and offsite web and email servers, iMacs, network printers, routers and other office equipment.
  • Automated backups.
World Affairs Council of Dallas/Fort Worth
February 2013 – August 2015
Lead Web Developer
I built test driven, archiveable, shareable or private, responsive web and email templates and content to drive event registration, membership specials and dontation for The Council's 4,000+ members and 10,000+ subscribers. The Council is a dynamic organization that brings international awareness and cross-cultural understanding to the North Texas community and presents distinguished international figures year-round for in-depth interpretations of global events.
  • Introduced automation API using Nodejs and PhantomJS to scrape txt, docx, pdf and live web pages.
  • Pushed pictograms over tldr text to drive actions.
  • Built integration tools using Nodejs, bash/zsh for data scraping, manipulation and monitoring of website.
  • Taught web technologies, best practices and design principles to interns for highschool, undergraduate and graduate level credit.
  • Introduced version tracking (github for interns, private repository for most content).
  • Introduced A/B Testing in Email campaigns.
  • Captured live event audio and produced audio and video podcasts for iTunes and YouTube.
World Affairs Council of Dallas/Fort Worth
August 2011 – February 2013
Part-Time Web Developer
Worked with lead web developer and marketing director to produce web, print, audio and video content to promote speaker events.
  • 2011 total redesign of dfwworld.org. Coordinated with Marketing Director, staff and Blackbaud to provide basic templates for Netcommunity CMS. Worked with interns to fill in content, optimize styles into sass modules and began building a custom javascript framework from scratch.
  • Transitioned from Flash to pure javascript.
  • Introduced friendly URLs for billboards and local news ads.
  • Wordpress and Ghost blogs on Amazon EC2.
Ryan Rankin Freelance
January 2008 – April 2015
Web Consultant
Provide custom software, graphics and marketing solutions to start an idea or grow your company.
  • From eCommerce to data mining, automation and DevOps. Just ask.


  • 2002 2007

    Southern Methodist University

    Studied Computer Engineering (with a Hardware Specialization) and Mathematics


Front-End Master
Javascript and frameworks CSS and preprocessors HTML5 Web Components
Back-End Intermediate
BSD, Linux, Unix Shell, Bash, Zsh, Csh Nodejs PHP Python MySQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL Nginx, Apache, IIS XML, RSS, ATOM, JSON
Testing Intermediate
Grunt, Gulp PhantomJS qUnit, Mocha, Jasmine YSlow/Page Speed Browser tools profiler
Graphic Design Master
Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator GIMP Inkscape ImageMagick
Audio/Video Production Intermediate
FFMpeg Audacity Adobe Auditition Ocenaudio iMovie Adobe Premiere


  • English Native speaker
  • Spanish Intermediate


Impressionism Mosaic
Guitar Keyboard Other
Chaos Quantum Health
Geometry Numerical Sequencing Matrices


CEO at Visual Resource Group, Inc.

Vice President of Marketing and Interactive Media at World Affairs Council of Dallas/Fort Worth